We are Eventokia

At Eventokia, we design, arrange and organise events, such as congresses, corporate events, fairs, inaugurations, courses and conventions.

We create customised events, which perfectly adapt to our customers; paying special attention to the message that needs to be conveyed, ensuring the consistency of the entire communication plan and that those present remember the message.

We enjoy what we do and therefore, we take great care of every detail, accompanying and advising our customers from the design to the production process, impressing on our customers our enthusiasm for organising events.

Our events are distinguished for being sustainable, applying environmental, social and economic criteria to all aspects. We encourage the responsible participation of all attendees, which, in addition to providing a reduction in costs, leads to organisational efficiency, which will have a positive effect on the reputation of the event.

In addition, being aware that an event always pursues an end goal regarding communication, we use tools to measure the outcome in order to provide customers with an estimated return on investment.

All this is carried out by a multidisciplinary team with over 10 years of experience in the tourism and event organisation sectors.